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Infertility help begins here

We help enhance your fertility naturally and effectively with our holistic approach. We help our patients enhance their body’s own ability to conceive, naturally and effectively. Our approach works with you, creating an individualized treatment plan to help you conceive.

Just as we are all individuals, infertility is unique to each person.

It shows up differently in different people. Our holistic methods look at the person and the pattern of imbalance, and we treat the big picture. The goal is always pregnancy, but getting to the bottom of what is causing the infertility is the deepest way to solving it.  Our bodies want to be efficient. It actually takes a lot more work to live in a pattern of imbalance than it does to live in health and vitality. Our techniques remind the body that healing is a more efficient method of operating and that living with balanced hormones, plenty of energy, good sleep and regulated moods is its natural state.


Why our natural infertility treatment works so well:

We keep it simple

Complicated doesn't always mean more sophisticated, or better. Sometimes it's the simple approach that gets the biggest result. We work to identify the clearest treatments for YOUR pattern of infertility and go from there. These treatments may include acupuncture, herbal supplements, and simple, doable lifestyle tweaks to help get you pregnant, naturally. 

We remind your body how
to live in balance

Bodies are wise—they want to be efficient. We identify exactly where the imbalances lie and systematically work to address them. Irregular periods and ovulation? We get them back on track. Advanced maternal age? We help increase blood flow and vitality to the ovaries and reproductive system. PCOS-caused infertility? We help bring the inflammation down and regulate hormones. Premature ovarian failure? We’ve got solutions. No matter what your infertility is caused by, we work to provide natural solutions.

We use a proven system that has been treating infertility successfully and naturally for centuries

We work on healing your body, at the deepest levels, with acupuncture, herbal supplements and simple lifestyle recommendations, to show your body the way back into balance. Your body wants to be healthy, balanced and thriving. We remind it how to get there, and give you simple steps to keep it there.

We focus on how you feel, not just lab reports and protocols

In the land of infertility, there’s a numbers game component. Lots of getting within particular ranges, and optimizing numbers. We help you reach those goals, but we also care about how you feel. Your body is not a machine, it is a container for your lovely human self. When you feel vibrant, balanced, and relaxed, fertility is a much more enjoyable process. We treat the whole person, not just the numbers.

We get to the root of what is causing your infertility 

PCOS? Low ovarian reserve? Endometriosis? Low progesterone? Male infertility? We work on identifying exactly WHY your body is out of balance, and then we simply and steadily bring it back into balance, promoting fertility and a healthy pregnancy. We are also happy to work with your Western medical reproductive team to improve outcomes.

Our approach always includes simple lifestyle recommendations to promote fertility

We meet each patient where they are at in their health journey, and give appropriate recommendations based upon that. Sometimes it’s a simple meditation break. Sometimes it’s a doable lifestyle tweak. Sometimes its dietary adjustments. Sometimes it’s focus on getting a little more sleep. Our goal is for you to feel good in your body and your life, and to get you pregnant, and we provide tools for you to get there faster. 

We work with you to find the best combination for your unique condition. Here’s how our specialized combination of four powerful, time-tested, 100% natural therapies work to align your body’s hormones and build a foundation for fertility and a successful pregnancy.

We help people with infertility due to:

Hormonal Imbalances

IVF Support

IUI Support

Male Infertility

Low Ovarian Reserve

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

High FSH

Recurrent Miscarriage


Uterine Fibroids


Poor Egg Quality

Autoimmune Issues

Lueteal Phase Defect (LPD)

*Individual results may vary. There is no guarantee of specific results and, warranted or implied, and individual results depend on several factors. Full disclaimer here.

Schedule a free 15 minute consultation with us to learn how you can feel better in your body!

*Individual results may vary. There is no guarantee of specific results and, warranted or implied, and individual results depend on several factors. Full disclaimer here.

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