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We aim to provide you with comprehensive answers to any questions you may have regarding starting acupuncture for your healthcare requirements. Additionally, we are here to answer any queries you may have about the other services we offer, including herbal medicine, massage therapy, infrared sauna, and amethyst biomat. Please feel free to send us a message through chat if you cannot find the answer to your question.

How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture can change the neurotransmitters in your brain, changing your response to pain by releasing neuropeptides which are molecules that allow neurons and effector cells to communicate which move into the central nervous system. This helps relieve pain and stimulate your body's self-healing process. Acupuncture also releases endorphins, and improves circulation to help resolve pain.

How Many Appointments Will I Need?

We believe it takes a season for your body to make significant and long-lasting changes. We ask that you schedule 12 weekly visits. If your condition resolves before the 12 visits, we can easily modify your treatment plan accordingly.

Do You Accept Insurance?

We are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and out-of-network with other plans such as Cigna and Aetna. We highly recommend you call your insurance company to see if you have coverage and to understand your benefits as every policy is different. We also accept funds from Flex Spending Accounts (FSA) or Health Savings Accounts (HSA).

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

Acupuncture needles are very thin, about the width of a human hair. They are much, much thinner and more gentle than hypodermic needles. Some points may feel a slight pinch, and others feel like nothing at all. Once the needles are in, most patients fall asleep on the treatment table.

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